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US Residents Consider Leaving the Country Based on Who Occupies the White House Next Year

Going up from 9% in 2016 Presidential election

sixteen percent of Americans are considering leaving the country if the presidential candidate that occupies the White House next year is not the one they support, according to a new survey commissioned by national property broker Redfin.

The total 16% is broken in 3 categories:

those who absolutely will leave the United States, those who would seriously consider leaving and those who would consider it. Three percent would absolutely leave in their candidate loses, versus zero in 2016. Broken down by candidate, 20% of Joe Biden supporters would consider leaving if he loses, while 15% of President Trump's supporters said the same thing.

Forty-two percent of U.S residents said they would be hesitant to move to an area where most residents have political views that differ from their own, according to another question from the same Redfin survey fielded in October. That is up from 38% in June 2019 and 32% in June 2020.

News taken from the WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL - Residential News October 27, 2020

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